Recycled Plastic Manufacturing in Edmonton

[Re] Waste takes your plastic waste and turns it into a product you can use! We’re changing the way businesses both dispose of their plastic waste and buy their plastic products. We can turn your business’ plastic that would otherwise end up in landfills into the plastic products that you need. Contact us for Plastic Manufacturing in Edmonton.

The plastic we collect gets cleaned and made into plastic flakes, which are then manufactured into any product a company could need. We have worked with businesses to develop their unique plastic product needs, and can manufacture anything from combs and mixing bowls to shelving and wall protection. Whatever plastic products your business needs, we can manufacture out of recycled plastic.

Recycled plastic is just as durable as virgin plastic with as many uses available. If you need a plastic product, [Re] Waste can manufacture it for you out of recycled plastic. This will reduce the amount of virgin plastic being used while providing you with products customized for your business.

Thinking about custom plastic manufacturing out of recycled plastic?