Personalized Plastic Collection in Edmonton

[Re] Waste develops customized plastic waste collection programs to suit your business. Plastic waste collection is a beneficial program for your business, as it provides legitimate and useful data for how much waste your business is diverting from landfills. Environmental initiatives are becoming a necessary addition for many industries across Canada, and the addition of a plastic waste collection program not only gets rid of all your plastic from recycling bins, but it also provides your business with clear data on how much waste you are creating and how much is being broken down into recycled plastic flakes, giving you a clear sustainability report showing your positive environmental impact.

Every business is different, that’s why [Re] Waste develops waste collection programs personalized for you. Whether you need plastic collection daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, we are able to accommodate your unique plastic collection needs. We also provide the option of shipping your plastic directly to us.

[Re] Waste can also supply you with sorting bins for your plastic, allowing you to easily sort your waste for plastic collection. As a [Re] Waste partner, you’ll also receive a window decal to show to customers and passers by that your business has implemented environmentally conscious initiatives.

Keep your plastic out of landfills by working with [Re] Waste! We’ll ensure that all your business’ plastic gets put to use in recycled plastic manufacturing. Working with [Re] Waste helps your company reduce their environmental footprint while simultaneously providing the plastic needed to create useful products!

Are you interested in plastic waste collection from [Re] Waste?