Plastic Audit

What is a Plastics Audit

A plastics audit is an onsite assessment of current waste and recycling efforts that evaluate the amount and composition of both waste and recycling efforts in order to assist with your sustainability plans.  Our audit is designed to give organizations a general understanding of what is going into their waste streams. 

[Re] Waste audits provide a sustainability plan on where and how we can divert your plastic waste away from the landfill, providing both accountability and positive corporate social responsibility.

Why an Audit

The world is currently facing a plastic waste problem.  Every year, only 9% of plastic waste is recycled within Canada.  Completing an audit will provide awareness into types and tonnage of waste, allowing for sustainability strategies and activities to be identified and implemented.


Future Outlook

Once the audit is complete, [Re]Waste provides a number of mechanisms to reduce the environmental impact of plastic, divert way from the landfills and reintroduce as functional, useful products.

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