Goodwill Industries of Alberta

[Re] Waste worked directly with Goodwill to create a customized manufacturing program to repurpose their recycled plastic flakes into products. Goodwill produces 25-30 tonnes of granulated plastic per year. Plastic items that are donated to Goodwill that do not sell within four weeks are brought back to their Impact Centre and granulated into a plastic flake.

Using this granulated plastic flake, [Re] Waste first produced 4” hexagon tiles to create wall protection. Now [Re] Waste is making plastic sheets ranging in size and thickness to use for wall protection.

Projected Annual Plastic Quantity:

lbs of Plastic

Plastic Use:

Wall protection, building materials – counter tops, tables, chairs, baseboard, trim and recycled 3D filament.

By partnering with Goodwill, we were able to create a circular economy within the organization by reintroducing their plastic flakes as a product they can use within their stores. They were previously purchasing FRP panels which are made from virgin plastic to protect their walls. [Re] Waste’s partnership with Goodwill helped the company reduce their environmental impact by introducing more recycled plastic to their business, as well as reducing ordering and administration costs, as the company’s disposal of plastic flake and reception of wall protection was made into a single transaction. [Re] Waste also worked with Goodwill to create an “Eco Trophy” which was made from recycled plastic and used to celebrate their employee milestones.

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