Goodwill Wall Protection

Total Plastic diverted from Landfill:

pounds (36kg)


Non Profit

Goodwill Industries of Alberta continues to push the limits of sustainability. The Amazing Impact Centre located in Edmonton, Alberta has several programs to divert waste from landfills and benefits the community. [Re] Waste was able to help Goodwill create a circular economy within their Amazing Impact Centre by using their mixed plastic flake and creating plastic sheets that are used as wall protection. Wall protection is used to protect interior walls from damage such as chipped paint or dents that are usually caused by shopping carts or baskets.

Instead of using a virgin plastic product or plywood to protect their walls, [Re] Waste and Goodwill were able to work together and create 100% recycled plastic sheets to protect their walls. In this picture, the middle column has 4” hexagon tiles that were from our first pilot project. The project covered over 170 square feet!

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