Butterfly Wings n’ Wishes - White Tabletops

Total Plastic diverted from Landfill:

pounds (54 kg)



After years of searching for a better way to manage their plastic, Butterfly Wings n’ Wishes found [Re] Waste. Butterfly Wings N’ Wishes was formed in 2000, a business born initially from one woman’s interest in bugs, education, and native species conservation. With their commitment to the environment, they wanted to be intentional with the materials they used in the office and lab.

[Re] Waste provided recycled plastic tabletop samples to determine which recycled plastic would perform better for their use. The tabletop dimensions exceeded [Re] Waste’s equipment capacity of 48” x 48”, however the sheets of plastic were plastic welded to produce a final dimension of 30” x 60”. Plastic welding is the process of joining softened plastic surfaces using heat.

To learn more about Butterfly Wings n’ Wishes, please visit http://www.butterflyab.ca/

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