City of Beaumont

In 2020, [Re] Waste approached the City of Beaumont to initiate a three week pilot project to determine the most effective ways to divert the city’s residential plastic waste stream. Sixty-six households participated, and in that amount of time [Re] Waste collected over 275 pounds of plastic waste.

Projected Annual Plastic Quantity:

lbs of Plastic

Plastic Use:

Building material for parks, benches, city funded construction projects and recycled 3D filament.

The database and analysis is an invaluable asset for the City of Beaumont, as it allows the city to initiate a planning cycle to manage waste plastics. City planners working on next steps for managing plastic waste can prepare effective alternatives based on actual data, not just good intentions. From this, plans can be developed and implemented, which can serve as an example for other Albertan municipalities to follow. In addition to generating good data, the successful pilot project effectively demonstrates the power of public-private partnerships to guide and lead change rather than simply react to it.

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