Helping Municipalities Create Robust Plastic Collections Programs

[Re] Waste works with municipalities to collect plastic waste from households. If your municipality is seeking a significant reduction in how much plastic waste ends up in landfills, [Re] Waste can help! We provide customized collections plans that will correspond to your waste pick up dates, allowing residents to easily separate out their plastic waste and reduce what ends up in landfills.

By utilizing [Re] Waste’s collection services, municipalities will have access to a robust database  showing the quantities of different kinds of plastics being created and used. This will help municipalities understand what kinds of items their constituents need and create clear and concise purchasing and manufacturing plans.

All waste that is collected by [Re] Waste will be catalogued and entered into [Re] Waste’s sustainability report, which municipalities will have access to. We then clean and sort the plastic waste and turn it into flakes. These flakes can be used to make anything a municipality might need! We can manufacture jungle gym equipment for parks, benches, building materials for city-funded construction programs, signage and bus shelters, and much more! Recycled plastic is just as versatile and durable as virgin plastic, and using our manufacturing services not only reduces environmental impact, it also creates local, Alberta-based jobs! Municipalities will also find a lifetime cost savings as there will be no hauling to landfills, a reduction in necessary landfill resources, as well as a reduced cost to handling plastic in landfills.

Contact [Re] Waste to learn more about how we provide plastic recycling for municipalities! We can provide data and cost-benefit analyses where needed.