Recycled Products and Waste Reduction in the Food Services Industry

The food services industry creates a significant amount of plastic waste. Most of the plastic waste created in the food industry is from back of house. Plastic packaging for cups, food products, utensils, and more adds up to millions of pounds of plastic. In Canada, fast food outlets make the top lists for plastic litter in Canada. Globally, we estimate that a single, multinational coffee chain will create upwards of 21 million pounds of plastic waste annually.

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Pounds of Plastic Waste

Many fast food chains and other food service businesses are seeking to reduce their plastic waste and environmental impact. Working with [Re] Waste can significantly reduce how much plastic waste ends up in landfills from the food service industry, as well as introduce recycled plastic products into their business.

We have worked with multiple businesses in the food industry to create customized solutions for their plastic waste problems. Plastic waste collection can be daily or multiple times a week, allowing [Re] Waste to collect all the plastic waste from the businesses. With this plastic, we can manufacture anything your business might need, such as trays, interior finishes (countertops, tables, chairs, tiles, millwork, and trim), as well as coasters and signs.

If you’re in the beauty industry and looking to reduce your environmental impact, contact us at [Re] Waste to learn more about our customized programs!