What is Corporate Environmental Responsibility?

Many of us have heard the term Corporate Environmental Responsibility used when talking about business. What does Corporate Environmental Responsibility mean? And what does it look like for a company’s day-to-day operations? We’ll cover what, exactly, Corporate Environmental Responsibility is, how businesses can improve their environmental initiatives, and what [Re] Waste can do for businesses and their goals with Corporate Environmental Responsibility. 

What Does Corporate Environmental Responsibility Mean?

Corporate Environmental Responsibility is a branch of Corporate Social Responsibility, where a business is said to have a duty to improve the area in which it conducts business. Corporate Environmental Responsibility is a business’ duty to abstain from damaging natural environments. Further, a company’s corporate environmental responsibility could be defined as their duty to mitigate the environmental damage that comes from business operations, or find innovative ways to drive positive, environmental change derived from their business operations. 

What Businesses Have a Corporate Environmental Responsibility?

Corporate Environmental Responsibility, much like Corporate Social Responsibility, is a self-regulated, voluntary set of operations that a business undertakes. Many businesses choose to have environmental initiatives from a strategic perspective, as ‘green’ businesses tend to be viewed more positively by the public. Another strategic aspect of Corporate Environmental Responsibility is that it can help reduce financial penalties, or, on the flip side, a business may receive grants or funding to implement environmental initiatives. Businesses also implement environmental initiatives for philanthropic and social reasons, in that the stakeholders in the business believe in helping the environment.

Many would argue that every business has a level of Corporate Environmental Responsibility, in that a business should do its best to not damage the environment and further environmental protection efforts. The larger the company, the more potential it has for damaging the environment, so that means larger businesses can benefit from establishing Corporate Environmental Responsibility initiatives. 

Why Does Corporate Environmental Responsibility Matter?

Corporate Environmental Responsibility is important for many reasons. The most important aspect is that Corporate Environmental Responsibility improves the natural environment and reduces the impact that business operations have on the environment. Corporate Environmental Responsibility also matters as it helps improve a business’ outward appearance and increases stakeholder and customer trust. Introducing environmental initiatives can also open up access to funding and external financing. 

How Can You Improve Your Business’ Environmental Initiatives?

Environmental initiatives for Corporate Environmental Responsibility can start small and grow to be an integral part of a business model.We’ve compiled a few things to do to improve your business’ environmental initiatives.

Support Green Companies

A great way to ensure that you have a positive environmental initiative is to support businesses who also prioritize the environment. When working with vendors, try to find ones that have environmental initiatives of their own.

Reduce Office Energy Usage

One environmental initiative can be to reduce energy consumption in the office. This can range from putting lights on a timer, switching to LEDs, lowering the heating/air conditioning amounts, and establishing a practice of turning off all equipment in the evenings. 

Move Your Office to Paperless

In our digital world, it is increasingly easy to reduce paper consumption. You can implement cloud storage and promote sharing digital documents to reduce the paper consumption in your business. 

Establish a Recycling Program

Recycling is an important environmental initiative. Train your employees on the recycling program to significantly reduce how much waste ends up in landfills. Here are a few ideas on reducing plastic waste

How Does [Re] Waste Fit Into Your Company’s Corporate Environmental Responsibility?

[Re] Waste is the best solution if you want to significantly improve your environmental initiatives and promote Corporate Environmental Responsibility. We will perform plastic audits for your business and collect all your plastic waste. This plastic waste is then remanufactured into usable products for your business! We will greatly impact your business’ environmental initiatives and ensure that your business meets any stakeholder requirements for Corporate Environmental Responsibility. Contact us today for a customized plastics collection and manufacturing program from [Re] Waste!